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R is for Rescue
an activity and coloring book benefiting Teton County Search and Rescue

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Released December 2021


How do Teton County Search and Rescue volunteers stay fit for duty? What do the terms "pumpkin hour" and "screamer suit" mean?  What does a "short haul" look like?  


Find the answers in R is for Rescue, containing custom coloring sheets, word searches, 'Mad Libs', a helicopter maze, and a big glossary of SAR vocabulary.


                          The book is designed to introduce members of                              the TCSAR team, to show what training and                              rescues actually look like, and familiarize                                    readers with the vocabulary of mountain                                    rescue.  Ages 8+

Heaven in Your Bones

Released September 2020


A young child's world changes forever when her parents receive a late-night phone call. Follow Sarah as she navigates grief and trauma for the first time. Utilizing her natural curiosity, happy memories, and innate wisdom, Sarah's journey leads her to a new place of understanding and peace. Based on true events. Recommended for children ages 3-6.


Purchase online, or order a signed copy directly from Caryn(quantities limited).


Illustrated by Kelly Halpin.

 Proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to ACCESS, a national nonprofit that provides emotional support resources and services for people who have lost loved ones in aircraft accidents.

Heaven in Your Bones is a very real story about the mysterious concept of death combined with living and moving forward. It is a gift to families grieving loss of loved ones with tenderness and hope. 


-Faye H. Campbell, Marriage and Family Therapist

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